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London? Yes, it is London. The capital city of the United Kingdom and the former British Empire. London is a collection of the main characteristics of other important cities in the world. There are important monuments, financial centres, cultural centres and institutional and government centres.

London collects not only the pure British traditions but also the traditions of other peoples and countries which belonged or belong to the British Empire.

There are several historical Londons: the Roman one, the Saxon and Viking one, the medieval one, The Tudor one, The Steward one, the Georgian one, the Victorian one, the twentieth century London and the Millennium London (the 21st century London).

London is also culturally and artistically diverse: architecture, museums, walks, parks, the riversides, the shows, attractions and visits.

This is your opportunity to make other people know something about London. This is your opportunity to know something about London. You can convince other people to visit London and enjoy London.

London a rich, stimulating, dynamic and fascinating city.

If you are tired of London, you are tired of life.



1.     You must produce a presentation about an activity in London. We mean by activity anything that can be done in London: visits, sights, museums, shows, walks.

2.     The  presentation must have:

a.     A map of the quarter of London and the location of your activity.

b.     Two images of the activity.

c.     1 text with basic information about the activity:

  • Aarea of London,
  • Address,
  • Phone and electronic mail address,
  • Price,
  • How to get there (nearest tube station / bus stop / train station).

d.     1 text with the reasons for that activity or the reasons why you selected it.

3.     The presentation must have between 3 (minimum) and 6 (maximum) slides. (a poster in case of technical emergency)

4.     The presentations will be shown (the poster would be displayed and the presented)

5.     You can be as creative as you like.




  1. You will work in groups, so you have to divide in groups of four people and organize roles and duties(secretary..).
  2.  Decide the activity (what you are going to suggest doing in London). Remember that an activity means anything (museum, building, park, visit, sight, show).
  3. If you do not know what to do in London, go to “Resources” and use a link to get information and decide.
  4. Use again the resources and get the information. Save the information in a word processor documents.  Remember that you need:
    1.  A map of London,
    2.  Images,
    3.  2 texts.
      1. Write and edit the texts.
      2.   You may divide the group in two small groups: one for the poster and the other for the presentation.
      3.   Print the information and make your poster.
      4.   Use the information and make the presentation.
      5.    Get information ready for potential prinitng in case of technical emergency.

You will need:

1.        One session for groups and initial decision.

2.        One session to collect the information (map, images and basic tourist information of the activity).

3.        One session to write the definite texts (basic tourist information and reasons).

4.        One session for the poster.

5.        One session for the presentation.

6.       One session for conclusions.        



Evalutation consits of three parts:

    1. The wiki and the presentatins will be assessed by means of the following questionnaire (50%):              Valoración del trabajo del grupo
        Besides you can use this document to improve your presentation:                                                    Lista de comprobación y evaluación
        Likewise, you are offered this document to check your work:                                                         Criterios

    2. The following questionnaries are used to self-assess your contributionbiton to the gorup and to assess your group mates participation (15% autoevaluación y      15% de media de la coevaluación del grupo).                                                                                     Autoevaluación              Coevaluación

    3.  Answer the questions In conclusions (20%).


Use the links to help you work.


Español     RECURSOS    English



Best of London




Information What to do


10 attractions




More things to do


London pass







Free / Gratis things to do


Free London 1



Free London 2

On  line translation

El mundo






Remeber to use the official document. Click    here  to answer the questions you can read below:

Personal experience:

    1.     What do you tink of this type of work (webquest)?. Why?.

                 Cultural learning:

    2.     Name an activity in London (not the one you chose) you would like to do. Why?.

    3.      Name any surprising or curious tourist information? .

                Technical learning:

    4.      Have you learned anything new about computers and their use?

                Group work:

    5.      Mark the quality of your participation (1 to 10). Why?.

    6.     Did you enjoy gorup work?. Why?


These were our sources and resources, too:

  • Visitbritain
  • Golondon
  • Keithprowse
  • Londonpass
  • El Mundo
  • Google